Whereas the following are indebted to
Ace Auto Wrecking Ltd., dba NC Ron's Towing, for towing and storage of personal property, and ought to have been paid, and are still unpaid, notice is hereby given that the said properties will be sold to pay the outstanding debt, plus costs of seizure, advertising and sale, two weeks from the date of this notice on the 26th day of July, 2019, at 1360 Foley Cres, Prince George, BC
Name Year/make Model VIN Debt
Kelly Tyler Stephens 2001 Ford F250 1FTNX21F91EB10694 3,086.95
Kelly Wilfrid McKenzie 2008 Ford Ranger 1FTZR45E38PA23199 1,978.46
James Beatty 1999 Ford Explorer 1FMZU34X7XUC15118 1,767.88
Marvin Sil 2009 Dodge Calibre 1B3HB48A19D234558 1,925.06
Jason John Schaefer 2008 Pontiac Grand Prix 2G2WP552181172832 1,809.53
Allen Gary Joseph 1992 Chevrolet 1500 2GCEC19K0N1136597 1,502.45
Terrence William Loyer 1990 Mazda MX6 1YVGD31A8L5207801 1,408.34
Daniel Brian Goodman 1985 BMW 325E WBAAE6408F0703371 1,408.34
Maruice Bruce Gardiner 1991 Bazda B2200 JM2UF3132M0144385 1,421.20
Joanne Marie Patrick 2010 Ubilt Flat deck trailer 2BGA10261AUA21823 1,400.10
Yannik David Poulin 2007 Pontiac G6 1G2ZG58B374108366 1,392.28
Trevor Gary Baceda 1994 Mazda B3000 4F4CR12U1RTM22175 1,252.28
William James Alec 2000 Pontiac Grand Am 1G2NF52E2YM747263 1,133.84
David Barry Dwayne Sponagle 2006 Hyundai Accent KMHCG55C16U301592 1,113.51
David Patrick Fergusson 1990 Ford Ranger 1FTCR14X7LPB10233 1,134.39
Terry James Hudson 1985 Mack Flat deck VG6M114C9FB081193 4,881.42
Highest or any bid not necessarily accepted.
Viewing and bids may be submitted to 1360 Foley Cres, Prince George, BC.
250) 564-8444.
Phone:(250) 564-8444